Tengelmann Climate Initiative

The Tengelmann Climate Initiative has a clear goal: By the year 2020 the Group intends to significantly reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases (particularly CO2). This private-sector commitment follows the principles of the Kyoto Protocol.

In its financial year 2006/2007 Tengelmann became the first retailer in Germany to draw up a balance of emissions for its national and European activities. This inventory of greenhouse gases documents how much carbon dioxide the Group emits per year and where there are potential savings to be made. The emissions balance sheet is redrawn each year in order to improve energy efficiency throughout the enterprise and reduce CO2 emissions by lowering energy consumption. This program will form the basis for the Group’s future position on climate change and climate protection.

As part of its Climate Initiative, Tengelmann opened Germany’s first supermarket specifically designed to be climate-friendly in Mülheim an der Ruhr where the Group is based. Tengelmann also took part in the “Product Carbon Footprint“ (PCF) pilot project which aims to develop methods and standards by which to record the greenhouse gas emissions associated with any given product. Also on the Tengelmann Group agenda is support for the “Mülheim Initiative for Climate Protection“.