People & staff

As a traditional family firm, Tengelmann also views its employees as members of the family. It therefore endeavours to promote long-term employee loyalty by ensuring that its staff feel good and enjoy the same rights and obligations, as is the case in any good family. After all, a motivating and collegial work environment where results are recognised generates performance.

The Tengelmann Group is firmly committed to three basic principles that define the culture of openness and appreciation:

Non-discrimination – every employee enjoys the same opportunities, regardless of age, gender, cultural, religious or ethnic background or physical condition.

Fair and equal work conditions – the same basic work conditions apply to all employees. These conditions are set forth in agreements with unions and the works council. The terms of these agreements go beyond the scope customary for the sector on some points, such as flexible working hours and social benefits.

Staff development – Employee skills and potential are furthered through individual continuing education offerings. Targeted employee skills enhancement is of crucial im-portance, to some extent in view of demographic shifts and the resulting heightened competition for skilled labour and managers.