Work-life balance

Maintaining a balance between work and family life is one of the key prerequisites for establishing a strongly positive corporate culture. Dedicated and satisfied em-ployees are the foundation for sustainable business success. And for the family firm Tengelmann, promoting such balance through a variety of different measures is a matter of course. An example of this commitment is the distinction we received in the form of the German “berufundfamilie” (“work and family”) certificate.

Flexible working hours

Highly flexible working hours arrangements documented in agreements with the works council help employees balance out their family and work obligations. The ma-jority of the staff have been on a flextime system for several years. In 2011 the core working hours were further reduced. Employees can determine themselves how to allocate their non-core work hours within a certain time frame. They can start work very early or work into the evening, affording sufficient flexibility for their personal and family lives.

Finding balance

In today’s world of work it is becoming increasingly important to find a balance between work and private life. The Group realises the importance of helping its employees find this balance, which is why it has been partnering with B.u.K Familienbewusstes Personalmanagement GmbH since mid-2013. The external service provider with many years of experience is available to support employees of the holding company and other companies domiciled at the company’s headquarters site. Staff members can receive direct, one-on-one support and advice on topics like re-entering the workforce following maternity leave, finding daycare options or selecting the right care facility for elderly relatives. Plus, employees can also get external advice in solving personal problems.