A tradition of environmental protection and conservation

From a family firm's commitment to socially responsible corporate policy

Elisabeth Haub laid the foundation for the Tengelmann Group’s commitment to the environment in 1968 by establishing the Karl-Schmitz-Scholl Foundation in honour of her father’s 100th birthday. As the company founder’s granddaughter, she understood preserving the environment as an obligation toward future gen-erations. She established the foundation with the goal of creating a legally bind-ing basis for protecting nature and the environment on an international level. Adoption of the CITES convention (1973) and the United Nations' World Charter for Nature (1982) brought significant progress in this area.

Helga Haub has carried on her mother's efforts since 1980. To commemorate the legacy of its founder, the foundation funds two awards in partnership with the Inter-national Council of Environmental Law (ICEL). The Elisabeth Haub Prize for Environ-mental Law has been awarded since 1973. The Elisabeth Haub Prize for Environmental Diplomacy was then added in 1998, awarded annually to honour people or initiatives that have achieved concrete progress in environmental policy.